Skip The Box Lunch, Take The Donuts – The Unauthorized Guide to Sapphire 2019 (2/4)

The Top Five “Can’t Miss” Foods from the Sapphire Exhibit Hall 


Yes, SAP Sapphire is the PREMIER SAP event.  It’s a once a year extravaganza of SAP Education, amazing speakers sharing their vision of the future of global business and commerce.  You will network with people from all over the globe who are facing the same problems your teams are and creating amazing solutions. 


But let’s be clear.  This level of executive function requires fuel.  Serious fuel.  While the Orlando/ Orange County Convention Center has many wonderful qualities to its credit, its mass food service has not traditionally been one of them.  Soggy box lunches and long lines await you, friend. And they’ll be awaiting you all week.  Unless…  


After 20 years on the road, finding food options to keep the party going is something of a top skill of mine.  We here at SCM Connections pride ourselves on not only our supply chain planning prowess, but also our strategic sourcing of junk food and regional specialties.  We find the best of the best wherever our travels take us.  Conferences are no exception.  SAP Partners know what brings the crowds to their booths.  Yummies.  So take this advice from a seasoned road warrior:  skip the official convention center food lines and mix business with pleasure on the Exhibit Hall floor.   


SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 Conference Floor (Author’s Rendering)


Here are my top five food recommendations to keep you chugging through SAP ASUG + Sapphire 2019.  

5.  In-Booth Baristas:  Skip the giant urns of over brewed and/ or watered-down coffee stationed every 10 feet and find yourself one of the in-booth baristas to create a beautiful made to order cappuccino to start your day.  With flavored syrups and countless sweetener choices, you can achieve the sugar and caffeine consumption needed to maximize your accomplishments on the show room floor after a long night of networking.    

4.  Goin’ Nuts:  Man cannot live on coffee alone.  You need protein for endurance!  Preferably sugar covered protein.  Scope out the warm, toasty, roasty, glazed almond cart.  The perfect meal replacement for the carb conscious Sapphire attendee and the crunch you’ve been missing. 

3. Fresh. Baked. Cookies.  The smell alone will pull you in from rows of booths away.  Warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies fresh out of their little easy bake oven.  Cookies are just the “pick me up” you’ll need to compliment that protein bomb of almonds.

2.  Healthy Options:  As any endurance athlete or iron man will tell you, it’s important to replace sodium and electrolytes lost during extreme exertion.  Salty, buttery popcorn is just the ticket.  The fiber will keep you full and that glorious salty butter will keep your system in top shape to continue the miles long marathon across the exhibit hall floor.  Or for those of us who are more the sprinter type, grab your bag of popcorn, pull up a stool in the SCM Connections booth #1539B and enjoy a great demo on how IBP can help you “what if” plan your supply chain around crazy tariffs, border closings, natural disasters, etc.  

1. Donut Holes. The best of the best.  The mini donut is the perfect metaphor for Sapphire… warmsatisfying conference goodness topped with sugary sweet keynotes.  These babies are deep fried and powdered on the spot.  I may have visited every single booth serving up the delicious little balls of joy last year.  Multiple times a day.     

While it didn’t make the ranking as a sighting is slightly more unpredictable, be on the lookout for corks popping and kegs tapping around 3pm every afternoon in the crazier booths!  The conference cab pairs especially well with those warm gooey cookies.   


Unfortunately, I’m missing out on Sapphire this year due to a personal go live/ baby on the way.  Tweet me @KristiSCMC with any new and delicious conference offerings this year!  A smoothie bar?  Soft serve perhaps?  A girl can dream… 

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