SCM Connections


A one-stop shop for each facet of your supply chain



A one-stop shop for every facet of your supply chain


Go beyond just putting a system in place. Let SCMC show you how to leverage technology to its fullest while producing real business results.




The best way to avoid conflicts of information is to avoid bringing conflicting information. SCM Connections can work with all areas of your business to develop the right set of reports to meet the common goals of each and every aspect of the planning process.

demand planning

What may seem like a small problem can have immense implications upon your entire supply chain. Plan at whatever level you please with IBP Demand.  Looking at the data from any angle any time you want allows the average planner to seem like a genius.

inventory optimization

When supply chains can work within capital constraints, and sales, finance, and marketing can see the physical impact of their plans in cold hard cash, the entire organization benefits. The ability to project capital requirements to support a given supply plan is a major unlock for S&OP and business planning. 


Make the most out of your least with a supply plan that is actionable, not aspirational. Seeing each supply chain challenge through the unbiased, unblinking eye of an optimizer will show you the best answer, even if it’s not always apparent.

response planning

When you pre-determine a set of rules by product, customer, or segment, the panic room becomes a planning room. Response in IBP allows consistent and fair execution of those rules. Prioritize by demand type, customer type, or whatever other type you need to make a decision on.


IBP S&OP Planning lets you work with sales, finance, marketing, supply, and execution all looking at the same data. With side-by-side fully integrated planning, any scenario can be analyzed from the perspective of the demand, supply, or inventory planner. Collaborate on problems like never before.

project accelerators

Technical enhancements that bring more value to your project including data integration tools, master data analysis tools, and configuration enhancements. When we see a system gap, missing functionality, or just a better way to get your project finished on time, we’ll find a way to get a better answer.


The first ever SAP Qualified Partner-Package solution for SAP IBP, SPARK takes industry best practices and the solutions we created for SAP IBP early adopters and molds them together into a “plug-and-play” solution by IBP module.

Solutions in Action

Take a look at our SAP IBP Simulation Planning webinar series to get a better look at what SCMC’s solutions can do for you.