SPARK – The first SAP-Qualified Partner-Program offering for SAP IBP


The idea was to create a series of planning solutions that combine the best practices of well-run supply chains with the incredible power of the SAP IBP planning platform.  Package that up in a fixed scope, deploy the product faster than any solution before, and you have a package that delivers value to your supply chain like nothing else.  SPARK (SCM Planning Accelerator Resource Kit), the cloud-based suite of applications delivered by SCM Connections and supported by SAP (the world’s leading enterprise software vendor), provides a solution that is fast to implement, stable to run, and easy to deliver results.  What makes the SPARK solutions so attractive? 



Known Scope, Known Deliverable 

SCM Connections has built the SPARK planning packages with clarity in mind.  The customer knows exactly what they do and don’t get, they know how it will work, the key figures delivered, and the algorithms supported.  We even have demo systems up and running so you can try before you buy. 


Timely Deployment 

Because the system is already configured in our templates, we get it up and running as fast as possible.  Live in as little as 3 months?  Sure, no problem.  Our project plan is written, tasks ready and configuration defined, just say Go! 


One Price; No Surprises 

Forget the risk, this qualified solution comes with a fixed price for a fixed scope.  Know your budget and your solution without any worry or risk. 


Accelerators by SCM Connections 

Like IBP but better.  This is the SCM Connections version, which means additional key figures with easy to use functionality, dashboards, reports, integrated process flows.  The accelerators we’ve built are now included in the SPARK packages.   



The SPARK family comes in 4 flavors, each a stand-alone solution, or combine to get the most out of your supply chain solution. 


Move from emails and spreadsheets into a fully integrated platform to facilitate the continuous S&OP process in one spot.  Conduct what if scenarios, project inventory in units and currency, work your plan in the best-in-class planning platform around.  All with the templates, dashboards and analytics provided by SCM Connections. 



Conduct statistical forecasting and incorporate other demand signals into a consensus demand process.  The statisticians at SCM Connections will provide statistical models that automatically pick the best fit for each demand element in your supply chain.  The ability to have the best statistical forecasting methods at your disposal with support from SCM Connections can get you predicting your future in as little as 12 weeks.



Dig deep into your supply chain with the heuristics in the supply planning SPARK solution from SCM Connections.  The analytics to drive through all nodes and levels of the supply chain, from customer to vendor, provides visibility and insight to the plan never possible.  Add in process flows and analytics to provide what-if analysis of different sourcing options in your supply chain, and you have capabilities that a plain old MRP could never deliver.



Effectively plan and place inventory throughout your network with the SPARK inventory solution.  In as little as 3 months you’ll have a world class multi level inventory optimization tool, providing insights into inventory positions to support services levels, with ACTIONABLE information ready to help you reduce the investment to deliver on service.  The SPARK solution from SCM Connections can not only predict the inventory required to deliver service; it can set limits, alerts and boundaries to make the data actionable and achievable.  Add to that root cause analysis in the forms of interactive dashboards and analytics, and of course the service with a smile you’ve come to expect from your friends at SCM Connections.


SCM Connections is excited to show you our best-in-class, SAP-Qualified solution.  We want to see the return on your investment as much as you do, and now you could be using the latest generation of planning tools for less than you ever thought possible.  Learn more today, or reach out to us anytime.


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