Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling and Supply Network Planning Optimizer

Fortune 50 CPG Food & Beverage; 65B

Outdated Planning Solution

-Client goal: maximize IT investment and establish a single-provider planning solution.

-Planning solution was not linked to execution system, therefore plans were outdated and constantly out of sync.

-Integrated solution was more efficient and cost-effective versus their existing leading solution.

Implement an Integrated Planning Suite

-Reduce IT operating costs with a single planning platform.

-Develop full weekly production planning solution using SNP optimization.

-Avoid costly enhancements by utilizing master and configuration data features.

-Implement PPDS heuristics to facilitate efficient scheduling sequences.

-Standardize planning solution and procedures.

Reduced Cost of Ownership


-$500K IT operating expense reduction per year.


-Minimal customization simplifies the user experience.


-Provides supply chain visibility to mitigate operational disruptions.


-Standardized solution improved scalability for company growth by spreading “tribal knowledge” access the rest of the organization.