Production Sequencing in Production Planning Detailing Scheduling

Fortune 50 CPG Food & Beverage; 65B

Limited Sequencing Functionality Within the Legacy Environment


-Limited capabilities around creating a consistent, predetermined sequence for production scheduling in order to maximize manufacturing output.


-The typical “color wheel” process is very difficult to model in legacy PPDS using standard configuration and master data.

Utilized Product Master Data and Detailed Scheduling to Model Production Sequencing


-This solution utilizes core functionality within APO to define an optimal sequence to minimize setup and transition times.


-Schedule orders either interactively or through a background process.


-Simplify master data maintenance.

Maximized Efficiency in Production Schedule


-Sequencing and scheduling are configured to support a consistent, operationally-efficient schedule based on optimal operational production flow.


-Complete flexibility in master data management to support dynamic operational needs.


-Does the “heavy lifting” for the scheduler, allowing them to focus on managing exceptions.


-20% reduction in scheduler effort to create a consistent schedule.