Supply Planning Remediation

CPG & Food Processing; 7B

Poorly-Implemented APO Solution


-Previous SNP and PPDS implementation resulted in a completely infeasible plan, producing an unrealistic depiction of inventory and production across the planning horizon.


-PPDS was implemented with significant functional gaps, severely restricting the schedulers ability to create a feasible production plan.


-The previous APO solution was abandoned and a manual spreadsheet process was implemented as a stopgap.

Remediated the APO Design


-Re-design the weekly Supply Network Planning (SNP) solution to provide enhanced critical issue visibility.


-Simplify the capacity constrained inventory plan views.


-Improve production scheduling efficiency by providing instant visibility to production plans, new scheduling capabilities, and alert management.


-Remove batch jobs to give users more control over the solution.

Key Benefits


-The planning team was able to use the APO solution to plan their short- and medium-term supply chain with confidence.


-Supply team was alerted to potential issues prior to becoming customer service problems.


-Entire supply chain planning in one application allowed for increased visibility and supply projections at the corporate level.