Pre-Build with Master Data

Food & Beverage; 7B

Misuse of Application Strengths


-Client lacked the tools to manage pre-build crop supply with year-round customer demand.


-Time Phased Safety Stock Pre-Build solution did not improve crop outage performance.


-Safety Stock management required excessive maintenance to manage every item/location weekly target.

Align Application Capabilities


-Utilize master data to model external crop and seasonal component constraints.


-Routings and BOM modifications to eliminate PPDS / SNP seasonality customizations.


-Enable supply networking heuristics and optimizer modeling, without master data modifications.


-Implement current and seasonal demand into one production plan.

Improved Inventory Utilization


-Enabled “What-If” scenario planning to evaluate pre-build plans 75% faster.


-No longer misusing safety stock planning to manage seasonal pre-build planning.


-30% reduction of excess inventory.