Incorporate Shelf Life Data Into Supply Planning

Fortune 500 CPG & Pharma; 22B

Overcome Standard SAP Solution Limitations

-Expiring inventory did not trigger automatic supply replenishment.

-Excessive inventory shrinkage due to expiring stock.

-ECC and APO planning run times were too long and failures too high.

-APO planning model did not match the client business process planning model.

Automated Shelf Life Supply Planning

-Create a custom planning book.

-Create a shelf life planning process using standard functionality.

-Automate demand and supply adjustments.

-Simplify ECC master data setup and APO integration.

Improved Inventory Visibility and Waste Minimization


-Improved SNP planning book / product view, product expiration, and projected waste inventory visibility.


-Empowered planners to make inventory and replenishment decisions.


-Optimized production pre-build and maximized product shelf life.


-Ensured distribution hubs and retailers have products with 10% longer shelf life.


-20% inventory waste reduction.