The Long Term Impact of the Quick Fix

(By Mike Raftery)

In the waning days of an IT project, there are times when rules go out the window. Desperate situations, short timelines and red status reports can lead to a very tempting scenario to implement a quick fix.   Just like a Big Mac, while satisfying at the time, you will regret it later.

Quick fixes come in many flavors. Hardcoding values is a tempting option. So is mocking up master data, and testing specific scenarios. These get a project through a tough spot but the long term cost will haunt the application often and with painful results.

What could possibly go wrong? Plenty. Businesses change, and as they change, an inflexible solution meant for a very specific problem will become a roadblock to adapting to a new environment. New scenarios will almost certainly stretch the solution to perform at its limits

This is where a good solution architect pays off. An architect’s job is to anticipate the future and look out for the sustainability of the entire IT landscape. A good architect looks out for short term fixes, while a great architect can predict the future.

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