We Are Our People

(By Claudio Gonzalez)
“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” –Simon Sinek

We at SCM Connections strongly believe in this message. When it comes to building a services company, it is the people who represent you who have the power to make every day a success. On one end of the spectrum, is always great to measure success by how much our business grows on the client side.  But on the other end of the spectrum, there’s no better measure of a company’s success than having people who want to join you and want to be part of your company. Every time we hear of potential employees who want to join our ranks because they believe in what we are building, it reinforces our path forward. Of course, we understand that getting high quality people into our company is just the first step; the next challenge is keeping those high-quality people happy.

At SCMC, here’s what we believe when it comes to our people.

  1. Everyone is an important asset to our company. The last thing you want is for an employee to feel like they are just overhead. It is our firm belief that if you feel that your actions have a direct correlation to the success of the company, then you will be more inclined to care about what you do. And if you care about what you do, that’s one essential step to being happy about where you are. The moment an employee feels that their contributions don’t matter, you’ve already lost them.
  2. Providing opportunities for growth is essential. This is another key area: IT is always changing. It is not easy to keep up with technology changes and to always stay relevant.  So we emphasize continuous training at SCMC. As the evolution of the latest Supply Chain tools come to the market, we invest in making sure that our consultants get the top knowledge in each new area. That’s a huge incentive and sense of relief to our consultants, knowing that their knowledge base will not be outdated.  Having quarterly IBP training at our headquarters in Indianapolis is a perfect example of how we put our words into action.
  3. Giving and receiving feedback is crucial. Giving feedback to our consultants is always an integral part of making sure that the right expectations are set, since at the end of the day, every one of our consultants will be the face of ‘SCMC’ to our clients. Just as important, we make sure to listen, and I mean really listen to our consultant’s feedback. For one, we really have an open ear when concerns arise; turning a blind eye will make those concerns worse. Thus, we approach them head on and work as a team to address problems.  Since we believe that our strength is our people, we are always open for new ideas on how to problem solve or generally make our company better.  Most of our consultants have over 15 years of consulting experience; that makes for a lot of great ideas, and we make sure to take full advantage of those experiences.
  4. Recognizing and rewarding excellence matters. Giving monetary incentives for a job well done is always nice and usually the norm in consulting firms, but that’s just one small piece. There needs to be a more personal recognition. If someone does something that really goes beyond expectations, we find it important to let them know that we appreciate and respect the contributions that they are making for the company.  And this is not a generic ‘Good Job’ but instead a ‘Great job for your effort on this and this is how it positively impacts our client and our company.”  Having been employees ourselves, we understand all too well that it is important to feel that our contributions are key for SCM Connections’ success.


These are just a few areas that we emphasize when it comes to creating positive work environments at SCMC. We want our resources to be with us for the long run, as we feel that there is nothing more exciting than building a company together. At the end of the day, SCM Connections is our people and our people are SCM Connections.

We’re always looking for high-quality consultants to join our team.  If you’re interested, check out our Careers page here.

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