Welcome to Gartner

105 Degrees.  It’s hot.  It’s a special kind of hot. 

But luckily we’re with 1,900 of our closest friends in the sweet embrace of central air conditioning of the Grand Sonoran ballroom at the JW Marriott in Phoenix, AZ.  It’s conference season and the SCMC team finds itself at the 2017 Gartner Supply Chain Executive conference.  It’s a different kind of conference than we’re used to going to as a semi-professional IT services firm.  Lots of networking (growth for this recovering introvert) lots of research, lots of sessions.  It’s extremely well run, everyone wears suit jackets, and so far the food is amazing.

But those are details.  The biggest theme is the sense of energy around the change going on in the supply chain space, and the business world in general.  Customers are becoming demanding, mass customization is the cost of entry and instant satisfaction is a given.  The demands and stresses on the supply chains of the world is tangible.  The challenge is how to meet these growing demands without ballooning inventories and massive amounts of waste.  That’s why we’re here.

The other reason we’re here is the challenge of the lack of supply chain professionals.  There’s just not enough of them.  How do we do more, with fewer people and less experience.  More specifically, how do the tools of tomorrow allow your people to do more and more in a fixed amount of time?  Tomorrow’s tools need to do more and do it now.

There’s a lot of stress on supply chains, and on the tools used to support them.  SCMC is here to figure out how to do that better, smarter faster.

Welcome to Gartner.

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