A fully integrated business plan with finance, marketing, sales, demand and supply all using a single harmonized data set. This is the stuff of legends.

Supply Planning

What do you do with that item every plant hesitates to make? That's where the best supply planners show their creativity and SCM Connections can be your muse.

Inventory Optimization

When we walk into a warehouse, we don't see pallets of product; we see stacks of money sitting on a shelf. That's your capital and we can get it back to you.

Response Planning

Sure, everyone loves a good fire drill every now and then. Well even a fire drill has a plan, and response planning is your plan.


Ever seen a meeting between Sales AND Operations? We have, and we know what it takes to make them successful.

Demand Planning

Where else can you get away with being wrong so often? Demand Planning is the art of chasing the exponential curve.


Think of us as your one stop shop; From Demand to Supply and even Collaboration, the SCM Connections team has it covered.


Say goodbye to supply chain headaches. Say hello to your new trusted advisors.


With a combined 90+ years of experience in the business, our leadership team is one of our key differentiators.

Success Stories

We work hand-in-hand with some of the biggest names in CPG and Pharma. Check out some of our success stories to see what SCMC can do for your business.

What our clients say